Carbon V Bank

Industrial Grade Odour Control System:

RydAiR CB2500 & CB5000 Carbon V bank are designed to remove and control gas / vapor contaminants. Both models can be incorporated to the RydAiR Industrial Electrostatic Air Cleaner units specifically for the control of cooking odour. Activated Charcoal pellets used in both Carbon V Banks are manufactured from raw material such as coal, coconut shell & wood. The raw material is first processed to produce a char and then put through the activation stage. This involves heating the char between 800 degrees to 1000 degrees C. in an atmosphere of steam, which develops the high surface area & extensive pore network. Through this process numerous types of carbon can be produced that give a range of absorption capacities

CB 2500
CB 5000
Unit H:534mm, W:560mm, L:800mm H:534mm, W:1110mm, L:800mm
Cabinet 1.2mm Electro Galvanized Steel 1.2mm Electro Galvanized Steel
Finishing Powder Coated, Dark Blue Powder Coated, Dark Blue
Gross Weight 100Kg 180Kg
Weight of Carbon 40Kg 80Kg
Nos. of Carbon Tray 10 pcs 20 pcs
Sizes Of Carbon Tray 660 x 555 x 20mm 660 x 555 x 20mm
Airflow Capacity 1,800 to 2,500 cmh 5,000 to 7500 cmh
Residential Time 0.1 to 0.2 Sec 0.1 to 0.2 Sec
Air Flow Left to Right, Right to Left Left to Right, Right to Left
Static Pressure 100 to 127 Pascal 100 to 127 Pascal
CTC Adsorption 50 to 60% 50 to 60%

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