RLMXtreme 22, 33, 61

UV Resources ( RLM Xtreme for AHU )

UVC irradiation kills airborne microbes, destroys molds and bacteria in airconditioning coil, thereby reducing the spread of cold and flu viruses. As indoor air quality improves, occupant absenteeism and mechanical system maintenance can be reduced. In this application, a series of products are arranged and installed in front or behind the cooling coil of each Air Handling Unit (AHU). The Lamps are arrayed such as to give maximum irradiance to the cooling coil surface. They are mounted on aluminum frames and are powered remotely from a control box housing the ballasts and sensor boards. This control box is mounted outside the AHU, out of the air stream. This is a customised solution and each AHU requires one control box and an appropriate number of lamps, depending on the size of the AHU.


RLMXtreme 22
Lamp :

Diameter : 15 mm (0.6")

Length : 546 mm (22")

Arc Length : 470mm (18.5")

Lamp Life : 9000 hrs

Power / Efficiency :

Power : 58 Watts

Current : 800mA

UV Output @ 1m, 21°C, 2.5m/s : 180uW/cm²

RLMXtreme 33
Lamp :

Diameter : 15 mm (0.6")

Length : 838 mm (33")

Arc Length : 767 mm (30")

Lamp Life : 9000 hrs

Power / Efficiency :

Power : 75 Watts

Current : 800mA

UV Output @ 1m, 21°C, 2.5m/s : 265uW/cm²

RLMXtreme 61
Lamp :

Diameter : 15 mm (0.6")

Length : 1554 mm (61")

Arc Length : 1473 mm (58")

Lamp Life : 9000 hrs

Power / Efficiency :

Power : 145 Watts

Current : 800mA

UV Output @ 1m, 21°C, 2.5m/s : 442uW/cm²


On/Off Switch

UVC Control Box with LED Lights to show status of lamps

T5 High Output UVC lamps 33" & 61" made from titanium quartz

Encapsulamp's encapsulation contains and isolates lamp residues of gas, mercury and other contaminants in case of accidental lamp breakage.

UVR UL Listed Ballast

Silicon Plug ensures water tightness & prevents electrical shocks from moisture and water

Optional BMS cards and UVC Radiometer for remote monitoring of lamp status


Inactivates/kills airborne microbes

Reduces circulating cold and flu viruses

Proven effectiveness on highly infectious virus like Anthrax, TB, Legionella, small pox etc.

Destroy molds and bacteria on Air Conditioning coils

Ends traditional coil and drain pan washing

Improves indoor air quality

Restores AHU capacity and efficiency

Results in overall energy savings


UVC Lamps are installed in the AHU, downsteam of cooling coil, facing the coil and drain pan

UVC Lamps are mounted on an aluminum skeletal structure secured to the AHU's internal frame support

Ballasts are housed in a UVC Control Box, outside the AHU

Customised solution; number of UVC Lamps needed depends on the size of AHU

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