RPD 3500 / RPD 5000

The RPD units are designed to be inserted into the supply air ducts of any air-conditioning systems. The units are fitted with an automatic air flow sensor and will operate when air flow is detected. This eliminates the need for any power interlocking system and helps save energy when the air-conditioning is not in operation. The automatic mode can be disabled via a toggle switch inside the housing.


Supply Air Ducts of: Homes, Classrooms, Clinics, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Child Care Centres, Banking Halls, Public Lobbies, Gymnasiums, Food and Beverage outlets, Food Storage Areas, Showrooms and many other premises.

Models Power Weight PCO Cell Length Min Capacity Max Capacity
RPD 3500 230 VAC 0.5A 2.4 kg 231 mm 2500 CMH 4000 CMH
RPD 5000 230 VAC 0.5A 2.6 kg 345 mm 3500 CMH 6000 CMH
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