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The RydAiR Electrostatic Air Cleaner (EAC) , DM 450N , DM450-HUB and DM 900N -DC are self contained commercial unit designed for use in Offices, Conference Rooms, Pantry Areas, Gymnasiums, Medical Facilities and all other Indoor Facilities where better Indoor Air Quality is appreciated . It is a fact that "Sick Building Syndrome" exists in many commercial buildings and having a good and reliable air filtration system is a major step towrads improving the quality of indoor air. This in turn creates a healthy working environment for employees, reduces the spread of infectious ailments resulting in lesser sick leave and increased productivity.

These models are equipped with a prefilter and Ionizing & Collection Cell(s) or Hepa Filter to remove large and fine particulates respectively. A UVC lamp kills airborne microbes in the air stream.

BPI (Bi Polar Ionisation) and PCO (Photocaylytic Oxidization) further enhance performance in mitigating airborne & surface viral aerosal inclduding COVID-19. Bi-polar Ionization produces positve and negative ions, whilst the PCO produces hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) killing airborne microbes in the air stream as well as disinfecting surfaces in the facility.

The DM 450 N , DM450-HUB and DM 900N DC are designed to flush mounted to false ceilings or simply suspended from the true ceiling in the facility.


Dimension. WxLxH (mm) 575x575x300 575x575x300 575x1160x350
Material 1 mm Electro Galvanised Steel , Powder Coated Grill
Weight Nett/Gross 26Kg/28 kg 23Kg/25 kg 42 Kg/45 kg
Voltage 230VAC 230VAC 230VAC
Power Consumption 100Watts 90watts 120 Watts
Efficiency Up to 95% Up to 95% Up to 95%
Maximum Air Volume 800 Cmh 800 Cmh 1550 Cmh
Speed/Noise Leve L:45dB, M:56dB, H:65dB L:45dB, M:56dB, H:65dB L:45dB, M:59dB, H:68dB
Coverage (Floor Area) 40-50 Sq Meters 40-50 Sq Meter 80-100 Sq Meters
Main Filter Electrostatic HEPA Electrostatic
Ionising Voltage 8.1kv N.A. 8.1kv
Collecting Voltage 4.kv N.A. 8.1kv
Charcoal Filter Yes Yes Yes
UVC Lamp Yes Yes Yes
PCO Yes No Yes
BPI (Bi-Polar Generator) Yes Yes Yes

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