COVID-19 Counter Measures

COVID-19 Counter Measures

COVID-19 has spread at an alarming rate, reaching nearly every part of the world. An effective way to proactively manage the spread of COVID-19 is using air conditioning systems to kill aerosolised viruses. Depending on the temperature, humidity and type of surface it is on, the COVID-19’s survivability ranges from several hours to days. While there are actions that can be taken by individuals (e.g. safe distancing, wearing of masks and staying home), further mitigation is required on the community level. Our conventional Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system draws in air, heats or cools it and sends it back out into the environment. However, by simply installing UvLux UVGI and/or Plasma Air Bipolar Ionisation Devices into the HVAC, you can add one vital step to this process – killing airborne viruses and reducing the risks of transmission of infectious aerosols.

These can be used in enclosed facilities where people gather to work, play or relax. • Shopping malls • Offices • Hospitals and clinics • Airports • Childcare centres • Restaurants • Exhibition halls • All other Indoor facilities


The use of UVGI in HVAC is widely recognised as an effective measure to reduce the risk of dissemination of infectious aerosols in enclosed areas1 . UVGI inactivates microorganisms by damaging the structure of nucleic acids and proteins. Its effectiveness depends on the UV dose and susceptibility of the microorganism

A. UVGI INSIDE AHU • UVC lamps installed inside AHU. • UVC Control Panel (outside AHU) houses all electrical & electronic components, including ballasts. • Safety door switch disables UVC System to prevent accidental UVC exposure.

B. UVGI AIR STREAM DISINFECTION (IN SUPPLY DUCT) • UV-C lamps are inserted along subsidiary supply duct • Provide intense UVC Irradiation for specific facilities • UVC intensity or dosage can be increased by using more UV-C lamps