Areas of Expertise

Commercial Buildings
Food & Beverages and Hospitality Related Premises:

Electrostatic Air Cleaners and Odor control products to treat the exhausted air before discharge into the environment, contributing to a cleaner world and meeting environmental standards of various jurisdictions.

Commercial Buildings
Factories and workshops:

Electrostatic Air Cleaners to ensure clean and healthy air for employees. Ensuring polluted air is treated before discharge. Our machines help companies to meet statutory employee health and environmental standards.

Commercial Buildings
Commercial, Entertainment, Convention, Educational, Residential Facilities etc:

Electronic Air cleaners, UVC systems, Photo Catalytic Oxidization and Bi-Polar Ionisation devices to maintain good indoor air quality, eliminate sick building syndrome and mitigate spread of infectious diseases in crowded indoor areas.

Air cleaners and UVC systems also helps maintain and prolong life span of air conditioning systems.

More than 30 years in making air clean

Airverclean is the leading manufacturer and distributor of air cleaning and purification devices globally. We supply products that meet various tests standards. Users of our machines and systems enjoy a host of benefits including prolonged life of Air Handling Units, cost savings on maintenance, good indoor air quality, helping to reduce environmental pollution, mitigating spread of infectious disease and other benefits.

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Our Products

Corona Discharge Ozone Generator

Ozone Generators that produce high volume of ozone to ensure fresh air is fed, while cleaning the environment of mould, fungi, mildew, bacteria and various odours.

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Our global distributor network help to ensure that our high quality air cleaners are accessible to make indoor air clean.