Customised Air Cleaning Solutions


Production processes in industrial application generate air borne pollutants such as dirt, dust, oil mist, smokes, fumes, etc. and these build up as the process is on going. Removing these pollutants and cleaning the air is therefore critical for better IAQ & health issues as well as preventing product contamination.

As factories are air-conditioned, cleaning the dirty air and recycling the clean air saves huge amount of energy on cooling (or heating) costs.

In cases where the air has to be exhausted, treating & cleaning the air prior to discharge ensures that there is no outdoor air pollution and helps in the greening of the environment.

  • CNC Application
  • Multiple Stations Ducted Application
  • General Ambient Application (Free Hanging)


RydAiR products are very versatile and are designed in such a way that it can be either used as self contained units or incorporated into ducting or exhaust system of the premises. RydAiR products typical application are:


Commercial Buildings


Health Industry

Food Services