Uvi-Aire ( UV Ozone Deodorizer & Air Purifier )

UV Ozone Deodorizer & Air Purifier eliminates cooking odours and fire oil mist generated during the cooking process and are can be installed together with Electrostatic Air Cleaners or Electrostatic Precipitators in kitchen exhaust systems. As ozone is a powerful oxidising agent effective for odour control, UV Ozone Deodorizer & Air Purifier can also be used in sewage ventilation, garbage rooms, old rooms and general odour control.


unit :

Dimensions (HxWxL) : 350 x 330 x 580 mm

Weight 24 kg

Cabinet : Galvanized Steel, 1.0 mm

Finishing : Powder Coated

Air Inlet Opening : 235 x 255 mm

Power / Ratings :

Operating Voltage : 230 VAC

Current : 1.8A (Max)

Lamp :

UV Lamp Chamber : Stainless Steel

No. of Lamps : 5

Lamp Life : 9000 hrs

Lamp Power : 400 Watts (80 Watts x 5)

Ozone :

Ozone Output : Up to 15g/hr

Ozone Output Nozzle : 150 mm diameter


3 Switches to vary Ozone output

Built-in Blower

Washable air filter

Air inlet opening

Easy operation and maintenance



Attached to duct via nozzle; Ozone can be injected into duct, clean air can be ducted into unit

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