Surface & Air
Purification (Portable Units)

The RP3302 and RP501 are self contained, portable air purification units utilising multiple technologies to ensure high quality clean indoor air. These are Photo Catalytic Oxidization (PCO) and Bi-Polar Ionisation (BPI).

Photo-Catalytic Oxidization

The Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) process in RP3302 / RP501 converts moisture in the air and breaks them up into hydroxyl radicals which are highly reactive. These hydroxyl radicals are small and agile and gets pushed into the environment where they attack bigger organic pollutant molecules like fungi, mould, odour causing bacteria, viruses and various VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) including ethylene and formaldehyde, even the ones in hard to reach places, breaking apart their chemical bonds and turning them into harmless substances such as car- bon dioxide and water. It is proven to reduce up to 99% of surface micro organisms and dramatically reduce airborne contaminants and allergens in the air.

Bi-Polar Ionisation

The Bipolar Ionization process produces a large amounts of charged ions that attach to, and deactivate harmful substances like bacteria, mould, allergens, viruses and VOCs including formaldehyde. The ions produce a chemical reaction on the cell membrane surface that inactivates the virus. It can reduce up to 95% of microbes in minutes. It is an Active Process that provides continuous disinfection. The ions also attach to expelled droplets and dust particles that can transport viruses, enlarging them in a process called agglomeration, which makes them easier to be caught in the filters, or fall out of the breathing area onto the ground. Bipolar ionisation has already been proven as effective against various influenza strains as well as norovirus, SARs and other corona virus like H1N1 and COVID 19.

Product Specifications

Dimensions H:170mm x W:170mm x D:170mm H:310mm x W:230mm x D:310mm
Weight 1.5 Kg 1.5 Kg
Area Coverage 250-1500 Sq Ft 250-1500 Sq Ft


  • Self contained, portable whole house /office unit.
  • Active Purification. PCO and Bipolar Ionisation processes sent Hydroxyls and ions out to the room to clean the pollutants in the air
  • The Away mode increases the maximum output of activated oxygen for greater effectiveness in unoccupied areas. • LCD display for status of machine.
  • Adjustable, 2, 4, 6, 8 hours Away mode.
  • Power Adapter 100V–240Vac
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance
  • Remote control
  • Lightweight, aesthetically pleasing
  • 5 speed


  • Reduction and removal of indoor air pollutants such as visible smoke, dust, odours, microbes, bacteria and viruses in the air and of surfaces.
  • For use in homes, classrooms, clinics, nursing homes, child care centers, banking halls, public lobbies, gymnasiums, Food and Beverage outlets, showrooms and many other premises.

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