RL Type UVC Lamps for AHU Coil Irradiation

RL Type is designed for easy and flexible installation and maintenance inside the AHU. The UVC lamps and ballasts are separated, with only the UVC lamps being installed inside the AHU. The ballasts and other ancillary components are assembled in a Control Panel Housing, attached to the external wall of the AHU, keeping them away from the moist environment inside the AHU. This make it very easy for service and maintenance.

The lamps are installed on an aluminum skeletal structure secured to the AHU’s internal frame support. The skeletal structure is not supplied, and is to be determined and fab-ricated by the installer.

Items supplied are:

Control Panel Housing for required number of lamps.

Required number of Lamps

2 Stainless Steel Clips per Lamp

A 5m long wire loom with 4 pin socket affixed with “SILICON PLUG GLUV” for connection to the lamp. (The SILICON PLUG GLUV is TUV tested to IP65 Standard and prevents electrical shorts from moisture and water)

Optional features include:

Building Management System (BMS) feature

Door Safety switch function (230VAC)

Fan Interlocking function (230VAC)

Radiometer Monitoring


Destroy DNA of micro-organism, mold spores, bacteria, viruses yeast etc.

No ozone output, safe for occupants.

Improves indoor air quality

Reduces need for regular washing.

Keeps cooling coil in “like new” condition.

Clean coil reduces load on blowers.

Keep airconditioning sysytems efficient, last longer and lower maintenance costs.

Results in overall energy savings

Low payback on investment.

Models Part Number Lamp Dia Lamp Length Arc LengthLamp WattageUV output @1m, 21C, 2.5m/seLamp CurrentLamp Life
RL22T5HO UVLHO546T5L-US 15mm/0.6” 546mm/22” 470mm/18.5” 58 180uW/cm2 800mA 12,000 Hrs
RL33T5HO UVLHO846T5L-US 15mm/0.6” 846mm/33” 726mm/28.6” 75 265uW/cm2 800mA 12,000 Hrs
RL61T5HO UVLHO1554T5L-US 15mm/0.6” 1554mm/61” 1434mm/56.5” 145 442uW/cm2 800mA 12,000 Hrs
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