DUV Type UVC Lamps for FCUs and Duct Inserted Application

DUV series uses the same lamp and ballast for application where the RL type is not suitable, eg in aircondition-ing ducts or FCUs.
The ballast are kept out of the airflow, indicator LED show lamp’s operation.
BMS feature can be built into this model as well.
This series are easy to install and maintain and provide the same benefits as the RL type.

DUV units are available in high output and in lengths of 300mm, 400mm, 600mm and 900mm.
U shaped lamps are available in single or double lamps configuration for duct mounted application.
T5 Lamps are in 600mm and 900mm and are only available in single lamp configuration for FCUs application

Model Input Voltage Lamp Power Length No of Lamp/TypeLamp LifeBMS Option
DUV-2x300 230 Volts AC 90 watts (45wx2) 300mm 2, U Type 12,000 Hrs DUV-2x300-B
DUV-2x400 230 Volts AC 120 watts (60wx2) 400mm 2, U Type 12,000 Hrs DUV-2x400-B
DUV-1x400 230 Volts AC 60 watts 400mm 1, U Type 12,000 Hrs DUV-1x400-B
DUV-1x300 230 Volts AC 45 watts 300mm 1, U Type 12,000 Hrs DUV-1x300-B
DUV-1x600 230 Volts AC 50 watts 600mm 1, T5 Type 12,000 Hrs DUV-1x600-B
DUV-1x900 230 Volts AC 75 watts 900mm 1, T5 Type 12,000 Hrs DUV-1x900-B
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