UV Lux DUV series

DUV 1 x300/400
DUV 2 x300/400
DUV 1/2 x 900


Destroys bacteria, mold, fungi and virus etc.

Significantly reduces transmissibility of viruses.

No ozone output, safe for occupants

Improves indoor air quality

Reduces absenteeism in workforce

Keeps air conditioning systems efficient, longer lasting and lower maintenance costs.

Low investment


Quick and simple installation

Easy to retrofit to existing plenums/ducts.

360 degree UV irradiation.

Ballasts outside of airstream.

High Output lamps provide high irradiance


The Ballast Housing Unit shall be factory assembled and tested. It shall be assembled with the Ballast, on/off switch, lamp operation’s Led and silicon black lamp gasket. It shall have side openings for wiring up multiple units. Unit shall have a ground terminal.

The Housing shall be constructed of 1mm mild steel and powder coated.

The Power source shall be electronic instant start type UL Listed, with a power factor greater than 0.95 and a power conversion greater than 75%. It shall include Rf and Emi suppression.

The UV lamps shall be very High Output Type in 846mm/33” T5 single ended, U shaped 300mm or 400mm. Lamps shall produce UVC at 254 nm. It shall not produce ozone or other contaminants.

The unit shall be available in 230Vac 50/60 Hz, single phase.

Model Voltage Lamp Power Lamp Length Lamp Type Air Handling Capacity at 3100 microwatts S/cm2 Air Handling capacity at 6700 microwatts S/cm2 Lamp Life
DUV 1x300 230Vac 0.26A 60 Watts 300mm U Type 1770 CMH 880 CMH 12000 Hrs
DUV 1x400 230Vac 0.27A 75 Watts 415mm U Type 2000 CMH 1000 CMH 12000 hrs
DUV 2x300 230Vac 0.60A 120 Watts (60Wx2) 300mm U Type x 2 pcs 3400 CMH 1650 CMH 12000 hrs
DUV 2x400 230Vac 0.62A 150 Watts (75Wx2) 415mm U Typex 2 pcs 4000 CMH 2000 CMH 12000 hrs
DUV 1x600 230Vac 0.26A 58 Watts 546mm Straight T5 1620 CMH 800 CMH 12000 Hrs
DUV 1x900 230Vac 0.30A 75 Watts 843mm Straight T5 2400 CMH 1200 CMH 12000 hrs
DUV 2x600 230Vac 0.60A 116 Watts (58Wx2) 546mm Straight T5 x 2 pcs 3200CMH 1600 CMH 12000 hrs
DUV 2x900 230Vac 0.65A 150 Watts (75Wx2) 843mm Straight T5 x 2 pcs 4400 CMH 2100 CMH 12000 hrs

*Not for outdoor use, unless under suitable cover from rain


Model Ballast Lamp
DUV 1x300 ULB-S-08-90-0 ULVHO300GU22-R
DUV 1x400 ULB-S-08-90-0 UVLHO415GU22-R
DUV 2x300 ULB-S-08-90-0 UVLHO300GU22-R
DUV 2x400 ULB-S-08-90-0 UVLHO415GU22-R
DUV 1x600 ULB-S-08-90-0 UVLHO546T5L
DUV 1x900 ULB-S-08-90-0 UVLHO843T5L
DUV 2x600 ULB-S-08-90-0 UVLHO546T5L
DUV 2x900 ULB-S-08-90-0 UVLHO843T5L
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